Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cows Optional

Fall Recipe
Preparation Time - 3+ hrs
Choose a gorgeous, sun-drenched, crisp fall afternoon.
Pack a picnic lunch.
Bring a beautiful friend.
Select an idyllic setting (and if it happens to be a winery out in the country with cows* grazing all around--so much the better).
Drive at moderate speeds, stirring incessant conversations slowly with deep, soul-searching questions and spontaneous bursts of loud laughter.

Arrive at destination and disembark--leaving all awareness of time behind in your vehicle.
Scan the property. Ooooh and ahhhh appropriately to taste.
Take note of surrounding vineyards--and straight rows upon straight rows of grapevines--prior to wine-tasting (when rows may no longer appear straight).

Begin tasting reds and whites while asking every manner of questions about the various grapes and chemical processes used to make the wines you're tasting.
Decide on your favorite reds and/or whites--then put on your most puzzled-looking face, asking for one more pour since without it you'll not be able to make up your mind as to which bottles you'd like to purchase, thus getting more for your tasting dollar than the other customers beside you.

Meander outside with a bottle of your favorite red/white and your picnic lunch.
Peruse the landscape until you've settled on the best view to enjoy while you munch, sip, and catch up on each others' lives.
Eat, drink, laugh, talk, walk, listen, ask thoughtful questions. Repeat.
Stir shared memories often.

Bake at 68 degrees. Cool before removing yourselves from property.

*Cows Optional
Note - Best served with fresh friends/ingredients

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  1. Perfect rendering of a beautiful weekend in the mountains of Virginia with my beautiful friend! Wish I was still there, lazing in the Adirondack chair, basking in the autumn sunshine. When life comes swooping down on me, I can always pretend I'm hiking in the Shenandoah or feasting beside a rushing mountain stream with my dear friend.


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