Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lions and Skunks and Bunnies--Oh My!

It's been way too many years--21 to be exact, but who's counting?

Let's just say that we were barely squeaking by and not all that well to do financially speaking (code for flat broke). I decided that making halloween costumes would be the way to go--none of those cheap store-bought plastic masks for my munchkins! It was time to pull out all the stops and creative juices. Of course, my creativity seemed greatly limited by the fact that we didn't own a sewing machine, but I would find a way to get around that with some glue, markers, plus a needle and thread.

Sew I took 2 pairs of sleeper pajamas, a pair of black jeans, and black sweatshirt and created whatever animal each one chose. I tried to deter the skunk choice--even resorting to plugging my nose and looking disgusted by the imaginary smell, but our oldest would not be swayed. (I wonder if the fact that we had watched Bambi together for his first ever theater movie experience had anything to do with his choice... What's the name of Bambi's skunk friend again, Flower?)

What fun I had making those costumes! I thought our trick-or-treaters deserved the best costume prize. Well, ok, maybe not THE best costume. I'd have settled for some sort of ingenuity award--using limited resources to bring unlimited smiles on Halloween night. Our 2-year-old lion, 4-year-old bunny, and 5 year-old skunk scampered/padded/hopped down the sidewalks and I followed closely behind to admire the various tails that I'd hand-sewn onto their back ends (of the pajamas and black jeans--NOT their flesh-and-blood back ends--ouch!)

My favorite memory of that 1990 Halloween night? Ah, that's easy... Listening to our 2-year-old lion tell every person/animal/character that he met, I'm a yion--RAARRRRR!!!

Halloween 2011's almost here. Our household currently consists of 3 adults and 1 teenager. I'll help my 16-year-old figure out how to dress as TinkerBell for her youth group Disney-theme costume party, and I'll insist on carving a pumpkin because you're never too old to carve a pumpkin. I've bought three bags of candy, currently stashed safely under our bed or they will be consumed pre-Halloween night for certain. I'm planning to dress up as ? to hand out candy to our neighborhood trick-or-treaters as I ooooohhh and ahhhhhh over the adorable little pumpkins, angels, and toy story characters standing at our door. We live in a new neighborhood that promises to keep our doorbell ringing, so that's exciting!

But it won't be the same. I'll be missing all of the halloweens gone-before with our hyper little live pumpkins who begged to skip dinner 'cause, Why can't we just go trick-or-treating now and then come back to eat candy? I'll be looking at the refrigerator magnet of the cutout photo with my lion, skunk, and bunny, and in the distance I'll be hearing a hoarse little two year old growl, I'm a yion--RAARRRRR!!!!! 

Please, dear God, send us some yions, skunks, and bunnies this year. Please.

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  1. Awwwwww! This is such a sweet post! I love the "yion"! I love those toddler mispronounced words!

    You did an amazing job with the costumes! It's funny, our two boys really wanted to be super heroes again, but my husband kept telling him that he ordered them "Skunk Boy" costumes, the "Extra Stinky" model. The joke lasted a week until we showed them the wolverine and green lantern get-ups.

    I think Skunk Boy would have been cuter! Your skunk certainly was CUTE!

    I don't ever want to say "lion" again! YION!


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