Sunday, November 20, 2011

Doublebreasted Thanksgiving Thoughts

It's true. I'm obsessed with hosting Thanksgiving. I get this gleam in my eye a few months in advance, inviting our friends early and often.

C would love to share the wealth; in fact, every year he wonders aloud whether we have enough space, whether one of our friends may want to host this year. My response: A death glare and ARE YOU KIDDING???  

Let's talk turkey here--our house, our kitchen (however small), our table, our menu--with friends contributing key favorite foods--is THE non-negotiable, only possible place to host.

This year I love that we'll have a double-breasted Thanksgiving Day. We couldn't find a big enough turkey so we bought two--they're already bonding in the refrigerator. I wonder what they're talking about in there...

Two Turkeys Talkin' Turkey

Why are we just chillin' here?

I'm bigger--size matters.

Yes, but some like more petit breasts.

It's chilly in here--glad we're snuggling.

You're one cold bird.

Will we ever get out?

What are they going to do with us?

Every time the door opens I taste freedom--only to have it slam in my legs! 

But I dibreast. So why am I obssessed with hosting. Hmmmm, let's psychoanalyze...
  • LOVE a full, bustling, noisy house/a.k.a. chaos
  • LOVE the day's happy sounds: laughter, lips smacking, great conversations, background music, chairs scraping back from the table, loud games
  • LOVE the teamwork--when else will I have that many oh so capable people jumping in to help until it's all on the table? When else do I get to cook with best friends flanking me as we drink wine and chop ourselves silly? Wait. That came out wrong. Chop the food silly, not ourselves.
  • LOVE the ambiance, the whole "attitude of gratitude" thing, the glass half-full focus that we all adapt for the day.
  • LOVE being together to tell God thanks.
  • LOVE the smells. I get out my 1998 edition of Bon Appetit and start chopping herbs like rosemary and sage. We carmelize onions and toss the balsamic vinegar in the best-ever-gravy-in the universe. We mince garlic with a few mashed potatoes thrown in for kicks.
  • LOVE the lingering. No one's in a hurry or stressed or frazzled. They stay and stay and stay.
  • LOVE the fact that almost all our baby chicks come home to roost--miss the one in Alaska like crazy--but love it that all the others come home to give thanks.
  • LOVE the traditions. Our friends' daughter brings her Thanksgiving journal and MAKES us all write in it every year. We look back at all the entries and remember... We go around the table and say one thing we're especially thankful for that year. We play LOUD games.
  • LOVE our combo of families together.
  • Bring it on! Let's get cookin'.


  1. Thank you--Praying for you, Anna, that your Thanksgiving is filled with a sense of His love, comfort, and peace. So grateful for you and your family. Love, Dawn

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Dawn, I LOVE this post! I get to host for the first time this year! (We're doing it tomorrow). I'm going crazy with joy in preparing things! I am totally with you on all of this!

    This is the CRAZY part - just one minute ago, maybe less, I had this idea to put paper up in random places on the wall or something, and make people write things they're thankful for on it. Then I could take photos of it, and do something with it. But I just couldn't get the idea perfected - your friend's daughter just made it perfect! A JOURNAL! I've been really wanted to make traditions this year - do tangible things to mark the holidays... and this is it. I CANNOT believe I read your post less than a minute after having this thought about guests writhing thanks on something!

  3. This post made me laugh out loud... I love the dialogue between the turkeys (particularly the..Yes, but some like more petit breasts ;) ..I can empathize..err I mean appreciate ;) ).

    We are very similar in our love for all things Thanksgiving-ish.... 13 years ago when my "soon to be fiancee" and I were ring shopping and I had found "the one" I thought could be "it" I apparently had a glossy/dreamy look in my eyes and was holding my arm stretched out with it... Toby who is now my beloved husband and the ring guy laughed and said..."What are you thinking about???" ...and when I came back to earth I sheepishly told him I was imagining myself stuffing a turkey for our "future family" on Thanksgiving!! ;)

    ...."That" ring is on my left finger now and has seen itself stuff 12 turkeys so far.... :)


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