Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Gottcha Day Grace!

We read about the idea somewhere--once we adopted Grace we would celebrate her Gottcha Day--a special day to celebrate her becoming a part of our family. It would have been a natural choice to pick the day we brought her home to the United States, but that would mean that Gottcha Day and Christmas Eve were celebrated together, and that seemed over the top. For us Grace's Gottcha Day became the day that we brought her out of the orphanage and she came to live with us in our Russian boarding house until we brought her home.

So every December 11 we celebrate Grace's Gottcha Day and we let her know how happy we are that we gottcha, how we can't imagine life before you joined our family. We tell stories from her adoption, and we give her a small gift. We let her know that she's God's gift to our family. Sometimes we bring out her purple photo album and walk through her early days with us. 

We love you, Grace Olya Geschiere--Happy Gottcha Day!

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  1. How awesome! What a family she got to be a part of, and what a blessed family to have her born into it :) I have a couple friends who have adopted, and they also celebrate Gotcha Day! How wonderful for everyone.

    You brought her to the States on Christmas Eve? What a gift for all!!!


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