Thursday, December 1, 2011

Imagine IF...

On Saturday night our family played Imaginiff. I must say that I was on my game, a.k.a., I won.

We had a blast--even the losers--I think. At least I did. 

Today's December 1, and Christmas will be here in another 24 days, but who's counting? Oh my.

Imagine if...
I really managed to keep my focus on the 3 f's: faith, family, and friends.

I wrote love letters to my husband and children and put them in their stockings on Christmas Eve.

I joined mother Mary in pondering an old smelly stable with her not-so-ordinary newborn baby lying in a manger.

I made a lot of homemade Christmas cookies while playing Christmas music, and then delivered those babies to our new neighbors to let them know we're really quite friendly after all.

I followed HIS Star all the way to Bethlehem instead of the mall and/or

I sang carols like Joy To The World and then LIVED my own joy to the world every day from Dec 1-25--on purpose, for real.

Imagine IF... Let the games begin!

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  1. This was inspiring. You already gave me the Thanksgiving journal idea, now you give me more ideas... Keep 'em coming!


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