Saturday, February 25, 2012

Library Lovin'

Grace Olya's Photo--What an artistic shot!
We finally did it. Now that we have library cards it feels like we're truly home. We moved into our house last June--sadly, it took us almost 8 months to visit our local library and walk out with new cards and a stack of books and CD's. 

Naturally, I romanticized our first visit. I had such a lovely picture in my head...

Husband and I would walk in hand-in-hand; when we told the check-in person that we were new and wanted to apply for library cards she/he would beam and welcome us to our next chapter with them. After that, she/he would offer us a quick tour (or at least point out where different sections were), and then we'd be introduced to one or more of the librarians.

At the very least I went determined to take a tour first--together--husband and I--walking around and quietly commenting on the ambiance as it compared to our previous public library. We'd each admire each other's favorite sections and talk about the coziest places to sit and read or work on our laptops.

You see, our former small-town public library did feel like home. 

At our previous library, I came to know our librarians by name.  Natalie always pointed me to the right novels; she and I were tight like that...

In reality, I only happened to tell Natalie the names of a few of my favorite novels, and she decided right then and there that I'd love any of her recommendations, since she could tell we were on the same page. Natalie, it turns out, was spot on--whatever books she enjoyed, I enjoyed. In fact, she'd have a list ready for me when I walked through the door.

One time I recommended a novel to Natalie; it turns out that she'd never heard of it. The next time I came in she said she'd read it and LOVED it!  After that, she began asking me if I had any new books to recommend to her. Reciprocity--we each bring something to the relationship. Very fun.

At our new library we didn't fully live out the romantic picture I had in mind, but it's ok; we're turning a new page here.

Instead, my own quick tour didn't take that long (husband dove-tailed it to his favorite section), and our new library looks a bit sterile--in my opinion, of course. And the Children's Section? Well, let's just say that it could use a few trees, murals, color, and, cozier places to curl up for story time--in my opinion, of course.

I met a male and female librarian; we're not quite on a first name basis yet, but the potential is definitely there. I've not been a mystery novel reader before, but I think the male librarian may convert me--he said that he and his wife are prolific mystery novel readers.

Now that I have a library card, though, I plan to inhale great reads once again; I want my life to be an open book. Any recommendations? What's your favorite read of all time? Do you love your local library?

I'd love it if you were part of my next chapter...


  1. i don't have any good suggestions right now but would love to hear yours. xo

  2. I read everything, from popular fiction and non-fiction, to young adult stuff, to classic novels to fantasy, sci-fi, etc. I only do audio now, on my commutes, I have no time to read print books, but really it's the same thing, I swear! (It's not like I'm illiterate!)

    One of my favorite books I read last year was The Time Travelers Wife. It's emotional, for sure. But she's an amazing writer, only written two books!

    I also loved The Prestige (not the movie, YUCK). The book was fantastic.

    Right now I'm reading a six-book fantasy series by Jim Butcher called Codex Alera. They're excellent. But six books is a bit much for me - unless it was a 6,000 page book with one giant story arc, which I'd love. I'm not good with all of the starts and stops (the first ten chapters of most books bore the heck out of me...)

    Just finished the Hunger Games, and it was actually good. I was impressed with some of the decisions the author made.

    I read Anna Karenina before that. I'm always interested in politics in other countries and details about their way of life. And it being Russian, I certainly expected to be depressed. But I didn't need to feel QUITE that depressed at that point...

    I could go on. Let us know what some of your favorites are!


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